Welcome to Indraprastha Global School Noida. Admissions for the Session 2018-19 are now open.

  • Mridul Sharma (Class IX) qualified CBSE Cluster Swimming Championship with 2 Silver and 1 Bronze Medal.

  • Heartiest Congratulations to Diya Chauhan for winning 3 Gold Medals in Roller Sports Skating Championship.

  • Shantanu(Class III) and Diya Chauhan (Class VII) qualified CBSE Cluster Skating Championship with Gold Medal.

  • Congratulations RUDRAKSH KANSAL. Rudraksh Kansal is among the top ten position holders in CBSE class X (PWD Category)

  • Congratulations to our young buddy Abhay Tyagi of III-A1 for winning Bronze Medal in International Taekwondo Championship.

  • Congratulations to Monishka Sandhufor bagging Third position in Hindi Poem Writing Competition in Cambridge School, Noida.

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  • Director's Message............

    Dr. Rajesh Hassija, Director, INDRAPRASTHA GLOBAL SchoolEducation should just not be a mere acquisition of knowledge, it must teach young minds to draw up a line of demarcation between knowledge acquired and wisdom gained, especially in today's non-linear world. Tomorrow's world will depend not only on agrarian or socio-political economies, but on intellectual capital too. So as their custodians, it is our prime duty to familiarize them with unexplored and unfamiliar WORLD terrain and prepare them to traverse and conquer them on the strength of their inherent intelligence and wisdom.

     We believe, schools are living organizations that influence lives. Thus, every institution must build its own ethos and environment, in perfect alignment with its core values, ethics and principles. At Indraprastha, we understand the needs of our students, and that of the society. We envision an education system where students are prepared to face challenges of life. The functions and activities organized in the school encompass firm moral, social, intellectual and academic grounding. We believe that education rests on its four pillars - learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be. This is what we are trying to impart through the coordinated efforts of staff and students and through the whole-hearted collaboration of parents - who are indispensable partners in giving shape to the dreams of our young learners. We try to prepare them to face challenges of fast changing world and most importantly, an environment that helps them to grow and think independently as brilliant and excellent individuals.

    Our philosophy, "Think big, think different, think fast, think ahead and question for the best." helps us transform the tiny-tots into young warriors! Remember, it is only a warrior who can accept challenges unlike an ordinary mortal who accepts everything as a blessing or curse. We are looking forward to lighting a lamp that will illuminate the whole world with its wisdom, creating a pool of learning that will never dry ; and painting a canvas that will portray the world in its sublime grandeur. I invite each one of you to join Indraprastha in this endeavour and I wish to sum up my thoughts in these lines...

    Following the course of our calling,
    Soaring on the wings of our action,
    Let's move ahead, Let's stride ahead
    To create a new history!
    Adorned in the palanquin of virtuousness,
    Immersed in a wondrous feeling of self-competitiveness,
    Let's bond together entwining our strength,
    To create a splendid history!
    Let's lead on, let's surge forward,
    Singing in unison of light and joy,
    Let's tirelessly move ahead,
    Let's sincerely move ahead
    To create a glorious history!

    Dr. Rajesh Hassija