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Astronomy Club
The Astronomy Club of  Indraprastha International School  is the most vibrant and active club. Regular classes for astronomy from classes pre-primary to secondary are conducted. The club has qualified, trained  and experienced special educators who take the best out of each child. Students are involved in fun science and astronomy  activities to inculcate a scientific temperament. The students also get a platform for  hands-on science learning through nature.
The club conducts various activities within and outside the school premises. We participated in Global Astronomy Month(GAM), in the month of April 2014, conducted by Astronomers without borders, with the motto, ‘One People, One Sky’. GAM is the world’s largest global celebration of astronomy.
Astronomy activities help the child to enhance their skills in various fields like

  • Technology -  Online participation, virtual projects, internet telescope, ISS Earth camp,
  • Science – Sun-spot observation, Mars and Jupiter observation, Astrophotography, dark skies awareness, constellation recognition etc.
  • Mathematics – calculating the circumference of the earth, Magnitude calculation of stars.
  • English – Astro-poetry - Ability to blend poetry and science, creative writing, Observing, recording and reporting.

Some highlights of the club are :

  • All India Asteroid Search camp:  Four students of our school participated in the AIASC in the Phase -I  and Phase –III for the program where in they sent the images of the night sky to International Asteroid Search Collaboration, ARI CHARLESTONIL ,USA. Arshdeep Singh and Siddarth Bhan have observed two NEO (Near Earth Objects), for which they will be awarded.
  • ISS Earth Camp: More than 100 students were provided training and opportunity to find the craters on the earth by using virtual telescope on the internet.
  • International Earth and Sky Photo Contest The contest was announced in the senior and Junior Astronomy Club. Students were asked to submit their photographs to TWAN. The World At Night (TWAN) is an international effort to present stunning nightscape photos and time-lapse videos. Indraprastha International School Indraprastha International School

Earth and Sky Photographs submitted by students

  • GLOBE AT NIGHT Globe at Night is a citizen science project to create public awareness about the increasing light pollution.47 students had taken part in the project.A training workshop was also organized in the school to help the students actively participate in the event.
  • ASTROPOETRY CONTEST:- Astropoetry contest was held in classes Ist-Xth. The students submitted their self written poems based on any astronomy theme as entries for this contest. Students came out with their beautiful skills of writing poetry.
  • SUN-day Observation On 25th April 2014, a mass solar observation was conducted in the school ground for students of IInd-Xth class. 'SUNday' celebration on 25th April marked as the highest number of students observing sun in 1 day i.e. around 1300 students observed Sun on this day.
    The school has been recommended for LIMCA Book of Records for the largest number of students participating in a single event on that day. Indraprastha International School Indraprastha International School

  • Messages to Rakesh Sharma:- Students of class Ist-Vth had an opportunity to send messages to Indian Astronaut Rakesh Sharma congratulating on his 30th Anniversary of space flight. Along with Rakesh Sharma they sent messages to Russian Ambassador to India and ISRO. Indraprastha International School Indraprastha International School

  • Hydro Rocketry competition Hydro Rocketry competition was organized in the school, wherein, the students made hydro-rockets using pet bottles and launched them.

Some of the future projects of the club are:

  • SUPERMOON An evening observation will be conducted on 11Aug,2014. The moon will  be closest and seen largest on this night.
  • Project Paridhi The students will measure the circumference of the earth on 23Sep,2014 as it is an equinox. About 200 students of our school and other schools will take part in this activity.