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Indraprastha International School'Give me that block of marble,I can see an angel in it, waiting to be released...' ” 

As an educator, I have been greatly fascinated by the work of a sculptor. With his chiselled touch, the cold and unhewn stone becomes a living mould. The more the marble is carved and shaped, the more the statue is softened into life by the sheer passion, vision, dedication and determination of the artist. Nurturing the silent desire to add meaning to every degree of my life and rendering to the call of humanity, I sincerely endeavour to identify the Angel in each child; attach wings of liberty and faith through the tools of education; and eventually provide a steady platform enabling them to launch the flight of their precious dreams.

Children learn to 'talk' even before they learn to 'speak'. We, as elders, play a vital role in making their self-talk positive and realistic by cultivating their natural confidence, courage and sense of well-being through words of affirmation, which have a therapeutic and transformational effect on their holistic growth and development. We, at Indraprastha, strongly believe that the entire object of quality education is not to instruct but to inspire; not to merely learn but to acquire knowledge; not to limit thought but to expand the frontiers of mind; and most importantly not only do the right things but also enjoy doing them.

Our school motto 'Teach each Child, Develop whole Child' envisions the global goal - Education for All. Our children need to be armed with the ability to demarcate the knowledge attained and the wisdom gained, through education. We have taken a giant leap from the conventional instructional methodologies by integrating technology to disseminate knowledge which is far more relevant, engaging, innovative and interactive.

We belong to a nation of intellectually empowered youth. On the road to rapid strides and global recognition, we need to unleash the power within by enabling our young ones to connect knowledge to the outside world and capitalise on the opportunity to transform them into a knowledgeable society. At Indraprastha, we understand the needs of our students, and those of the society. The functions and activities organized in the school encompass moral, social, intellectual and academic seasoning, while our education system rests on four pillars - learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be.

Mahatma Gandhi, rightly averred, 'Men often become what they believe themselves to be'. An aura of positivity and confidence is created at Indraprastha, by etching the 'You can do it' attitude deeply and firmly on the young, impressionable minds, with utmost love and care. We aim at making our children empowered, self-observant, self-reliant and confident individuals. We equip them with the ability to make well-informed choices in a diverse and dynamic world, by imparting education which endows them with invincible moral values, a positive approach to social concerns and an earnest desire to play an active role in shaping the future of our country.

At Indraprastha, each child is a budding star, fully equipped to touch the infinite sky with a sound determination and conviction that - It Should, It Could and It Must!… to light a lamp that will illuminate the whole world with its wisdom, creating a pool of learning that will never dry up, and painting a canvas that will portray the world in its sublime grandeur.

Dr. Rajesh Hassija