About CSE

Indraprastha - Centre for Student Excellence in Astronomy and Space Sciences, New DelhiCSE stands for ”- Centre for Student Excellence in Astronomy and Space Sciences”. Through this program, students of the school are better equipped and trained to excel in the field of astronomy. With CSE, they get to experience the wonders of learning science, nature and the universe, through hands-on approach to learning. Under this program, the school creates a CENTRE where astronomy is taught to students through: Curriculum Integration, Workshops, Events, Scientific Projects, Competitions etc.

Notice Board

  • Winners name of Hydrorocketry Competition Winning Teams (in order):

  • Team D:Lakshay Keswani, Sharmishtha Solanki, Pulkit Gupta, Manjyot Kaur, Dhwal Rajora

  • Team R:Vanshaj Dua, Divit Arora, Rohit Yadav, Pulkit Chhabra, Yash Kumar Sood

  • Team K:Ojasvita Arora, Mayank Bindal, Nihar Jain, Manan, Chirag Chhabra

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