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INDRAPRASTHA WORLD SCHOOLIPWS stands for giving itsgirls and boys a global exposure and at the same time maintains a deep-rooted link with India's rich cultural heritage. The teaching methodology: CBIL and VBIL, i.e. "Concept Based Integrated Learning" and "Value Based Integrated Learning" facilitates the integration of global ideas and the rich cultural beliefs and values of India.

Primary Level - "It is said that "if you want to teach something that is important, then there is more than one way to teach it". Multiple intelligence is used as an inventory. The CBIL integrates all the skills such as artistic, dramatic, linguistic, logical, etc. with the concept being taught so that a broad and scientific temperament is developed amongst the students.

At Middle & Secondary Level - A lot of effort goes into making pure Science and other subjects interesting by introducing teaching aids which upgrade the skills and learning of the students through interactive Computer Smart Classes. Multidirectional group workshop method of teaching facilitates deep-rooted conceptual clarity. Here in, the teacher coordinates the group and initiates the work and nurtures the students without fear and phobia of examination and excessive home tasks.