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Joint efforts of the school and the parents result in the all round development of the child. The results are brilliant when the school and the parents work in harmony.

Parent - school interaction at various events and meetings, organized by the school is vital. This interaction ensures the overall development of various skills in the child - including motional, physical, social, intellectual and linguistic.IPWS firmly believes in building up a healthy communication and close rapport between the parents and teachers. Parents are the first teachers. They are experts on their children and know them better than anyone else. We believe in working as a team with parents and make sure that there is no gap in communication. We look at the role of parents as more than just being the providers for their child's education and consider them equal partners in the child's growth. In order to meet this end, the school schedules each 4th Saturday of the working month as a Parent Teacher Meeting. It provides an opportunity for parents to meet the class teacher and subject teachers of their ward on a one to one basis. It is also an occasion to interact with the Principal.